Chief Executive

Company Description:

The Lenton Centre is a charity and company limited by guarantee, established in 2005, to run The Lenton Centre (TLC).  This is an exciting social enterprise in the heart of Lenton, which aims to bring together the people of Lenton in a welcoming environment for leisure, learning, community and other health giving activities.  The Lenton Centre is a ‘community anchor’ and its vision is to be a hub of activity in an increasingly vibrant community.


Following the success of re-opening and sustaining the Lenton Baths, TLC have taken on the running of Portland Baths (PB) in a partnership with Notts County FITC.

Job Description:


Chief Executive



Responsible to:

Chair of the Board of Trustees



Responsible for:

Lenton Operations Manager

Portland Baths Manager

Forum Manager

Children & Youth Leader

Executive Office Team (paid & volunteer)



Relates to:

TLC Members

TLC Board of Trustees

TLC Project Teams

Sponsors & Donors

Other Stakeholder & Interest Groups




To ‘champion’ The Lenton Centre, and

To implement the strategic direction & objectives set by the Board (in particular securing and improving self-sustainability) and

To be responsible for the ‘Business’ of The Lenton Centre, and

To shape the ‘organisation’ of The Lenton Centre, and

To network and promote The Lenton Centre




·         To maintain & develop the TLC Business Plan

·         To maintain & develop the TLC Business Model

·         To oversee and/or deliver the functions of the Executive Office, inc.

o   Business Planning & Development

o   Fundraising (inc Grant Monitoring)

o   Financial Management

o   Personnel Management (inc. Recruitment)

o   Marketing & Communications (inc. PR & Publicity)

o   Research

o   Organisational Development

·         To ensure that the organisation of TLC is ‘fit for purpose’

·         To ensure that the TLC Operations & Project Plans are consistent with, and meet, the overall TLC mission, objectives and priorities

·         To line manage the Executive Office staff team (volunteer & paid)

·         To line manage the Operational Managers

·         To produce and manage the budget for the ‘TLC Group’

·         To ensure adequate performance monitoring

·         To nurture the ‘right’ environment in which TLC staff can thrive

·         To provide written and verbal reports to the Board of Trustees, Donors and The Charities Commission as requested

·         To ensure TLC meets all legislative & charitable obligations

·         To ‘champion’ TLC

·         To network and present TLC externally




·         Operations/Duty Management/Attendant work

·         Liaising with sub-contractors

·         Developing organisational procedures and systems.

·         Writing policies & procedures

·         Writing Funding Applications & Reports

·         Writing Project & Research Briefs

·         Writing Concept Papers, Feasibility Reports & Project Proposals

·         Managing & supporting volunteers

·         Promoting The Lenton Centre

·         Attending TLC Board meetings

·         Supporting the Operations & Project Teams as required, in particular with management support

·         Undertaking any other tasks as reasonably requested by the Board of Trustees

Person Specification

(E = Essential,  D = Desirable)



No specific qualifications required.  However, relevant qualifications in management, administration, facilities or leisure management would be advantageous.




Chief Executive/MD/General Management experience (E)

Financial planning & monitoring (E)

Working with sub-contractors (D)

Leisure/Pool/Fitness Suite Management (D)

Facilities Management (D)

Fundraising (D)

Marketing (D)




Flexibility (E)

Resourcefulness (E)

Commitment (E)

Good team leader (E)

Community Spirited (E)

Business acumen (E)

Resilience (E)