The Lenton Centre

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Pool Parties

Children's birthdays.... Made fun and easy! Yes, that time of year has come around again where you, as parents, have to start organising the next birthday party.

The Lenton Centre now presents to you the opportunity to give you and your family a stress-free, unforgettable event.

What the Lenton Centre can offer you in our birthday package is as follows: 1. Independent hire of our pool - This comes with a large set of pool toys, one fully qualified lifeguard and a lot of happy faces. 2. Room/Hall hire - Perfect for organising traditional party games, plenty of room to run around to music and ideal for serving jelly and ice-cream.

The Lenton Centre's priorities are as follows: 1. To provide a safe environment for all children 2. To make the most of our facilities 3. To provide both adults and children with a great experience 4. To give your child a birthday to remember!

Jez, his son Soloman and the rest of their family used the Lenton Centre to celebrate Soloman's 11th birthday and this is what they had to say about it:

"The party was great fun. Nowhere else could offer a safe place to occupy 20 energetic and excitable 10-11 year old boys! We had the pool and the fitness gym to ourselves and the kids really got into the activities, all supervised by friendly and competent staff. I strongly recommend the Lenton Centre as a fantastic venue for children's parties; the kids loved it. Now we know what the centre offers we will definitely be back."