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The Lenton Centre Links

Crocus Cafe

Come Dine with Crocus
Thursdays 7pm
Enjoy a wait-staffed delicous main meal fopr only 5 pounds per person
(starters and desserts available too). BYOB. Bookings Highly encouraged.
Crocus cafe is a volunteer-led community cafe located in the heart of Lenton.

Crocus Cafe

Easysearch to help Activ8 Uth

Are you one of the millions of people that use a search engine every day? Switch your searching to easysearch and raise money!

Every time you search the web using instead of Google or any other search engine, half a penny is raised for Activ8 Uth @ The Lenton Centre. Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year. See what people are saying about easysearch:

  • "easysearch is a great idea and just as good as Google for the results! I've recommended it to my friends and I think this site is the best around as it does something for people. Well done!"
  • "What a fantastic idea! I was using Google anyway but this way I get to raise money for my good cause every time I search....brilliant! I've made easysearch my homepage!"

So the next time you need to find something online, please use and raise money for Activ8 Uth @ The Lenton Centre with every search you make.

Easyfundraising for Activ8 Uth

Easyfundraising lets you shop online as normal but a small percentage of what you spend will be donated to our Youth Charity

You pay no more for your items, but you're also helping our charity

Online Shopping that helps our Activ8 Uth Project

EPoS Traders - EPoS Systems

EPoS Traders are suppliers of new and used Epos related hardware - the prices are good and the service is quick and friendly.
They have been very helpful to the Lenton Centre

Visit EPos Traders

Manta Scuba Diving

Manta Scuba Diving are our resident scuba school/club. They promise to provide an inspiring journey from your
first breathsunderwater, to a life time of unforgettable moments that life on land simply cannot offer!
Beginners through to Professional courses

Manta Scuba Diving


EMtel provide business telephone lines, calls and systems and commercial SMS Text solutions.
EMtel provide financial and technical assistance to the Lenton Centre

Better IT

Better IT provide business systems installation and support and broadband packages. They host the Lenton Centre website

Dunkirk and Lenton Forum

The Dunkirk and Lenton Forum provide a wide range of services and activities in the area, several of them in collaboration with The Lenton Centre